Asia Compact
A unique offer for master’s students at the University of St.Gallen

Spend your semester break in Singapore and experience an intense learning journey with our Asia Compact courses

Asia Compact courses are master-level offerings that address various topics in the Asian context. Scheduled during semester breaks, respectively calendar weeks 14/15 in the Spring term and calendar weeks 44/45 in the Autumn term, Asia Compact courses take place in Singapore and allow for company visits, guest talks from local business insiders, and cultural exposure all at the same time. With an electrifying city state as the “classroom,” Asia Compacts aspire to confer to students industry, market, and societal insights through interactive sessions and fieldwork in addition to lectures and case studies.

Singapore, with a population of over five million, is a financial hub and a regional magnet that attracts international companies and skilled talents. As a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Singapore boasts the highest GDP per capita in Asia and a diverse industrial structure with particular strengths in logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, as well as finance and insurance services. Its stable political and economic environment, excellent infrastructure, and governmental support have all contributed to the ease of doing business in Singapore. The multicultural heritage and respect for different languages and religions also play a strong role as the backbone of Singaporean society. Seen together, the vibrant business communities and the wealth of cultural treasures that await discovery make Singapore an ideal location to begin one’s learning about Asia. 

In collaboration with several of HSG's master's programs, the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI-HSG), which is the local institute of the University of St.Gallen in Singapore, hosts these core electives and electives at its premises on Amoy Street and serves as a students' hub—their “home away from home”—in Singapore. Each Asia Compact course lasts for five to six days. The setup and arrangement of courses are designed to also facilitate the possibility of combining two Asia Compacts back-to-back within the semester term break. Master's students across different programs will mingle, connect, and bond in class settings, through team projects, and during social events.

For those keen to dive into Asia with the aid of themed coursework and eager to return from the semester break replenished, Asia Compact is an opportunity that can't be missed.


Please refer to course fact sheets on HSG's course directory for details.

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HSG Asia Compact in Singapore