About Us

Located in a shophouse on Amoy Street, in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown district, the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI) is the University of St.Gallen’s (HSG’s) first international institute. Since its foundation in 2011, it has served as a platform for Asia-related teaching, research, and services. It seeks to foster a wider exchange between Asia and Europe, enabling a deeper mutual un-derstanding of cultures, regions, and economies between Singapore and Switzerland.

The SGI’s vision is to connect students and faculty members of the University of St.Gallen with Asia, and specifically Singapore, at all levels of higher education, characterised by a practical approach and integrative view. The SGI aims to open eyes for Asia and continental Europe respectively for students and faculty alike, through exchange, teaching, learning together and research projects. The SGI strives to be St.Gallen’s platform to facilitate those collaborations by means of a permanent presence in Singapore. The University of St.Gallen seeks collaborations with local partner universities to allow students to spend part of their academic career in Singapore.