International Management

Course overview and objective

In a world where global perspectives intertwine, understanding why conducting business in Asia differs significantly from the West is of great importance. This course does not focus on memorization of terms and concepts; instead, its emphasis lies in nurturing the expertise essential for taking on leadership positions when addressing the complexities of international business challenges within an Asian context.


Course content

This course is designed to offer you:

  • A deep-rooted familiarity with the local context, challenges, and managerial perspectives spanning the Asia Pacific region, encompassing the entry strategies of multinational corporations (MNCs).

  • Valuable insights into the environmental aspects—ranging from cultural, institutional, geographic, to economic factors—essential to conducting business within the Asian landscape.

  • Analytical ability to make management decisions facing all firms (exporters, licensor/licensee, joint venture firms, firms with overseas subsidiaries) engaged in business outside of Switzerland.

  • Profound knowledge of strategies and practices of how to gain and sustain a global competitive advantage.

Course structure 

This course will take place over one intensive week at the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia. It offers a dynamic blend of experiences: engaging field visits, lectures to give you a broad picture of the business context and international management practices in Asia, interactive case analyses, insightful discussions about diverse Southeast Asian countries, and guest speaker sessions from both local and international companies. Beyond the classroom, we will explore the city's hidden places on an extensive tour and connect over a BBQ.

Application procedure  

Enrollment for this course follows a unique process separate from the regular bidding system. To secure a spot, selection will be conducted by Professor Ambos. To apply, kindly submit your CV along with a brief motivation statement. This statement should outline how an Asian experience aligns with your career advancement aspirations (maximum half a page). Your application should be sent to by 31 August 2023 at the latest. Selection outcomes will be communicated by 6 September 2023.