Private Equity in Emerging Markets

Course content

The MBF program offers in Singapore a compact course on Private Equity with a special focus on Emerging Markets. The course is taught by Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter during the ʺSpring mid-term breakʺ in Singapore. Since the lecture will take place in Singapore, you will not only get an understanding of Private Equity as an asset class, but you will also learn more about Singapore one of the fastest growing financial centres worldwide – as well as about Emerging Markets in Southeast Asia like Indonesia or Malaysia.

Against the background of a challenging market environment the course’s objective is to give an overview of Private Equity and its underlying activities. Besides the established Private Equity markets like the U.S. or Europe, the course will also focus on Private Equity in Emerging Markets. Investors focus their attention towards Emerging Markets and increase their commitment towards fast-growing economies. Yet, we know only little about the structure and dynamics of Private Equity investments in Emerging Markets. The learning objectives of the course are (1) understand Private Equity as an asset class, (2) learn valuation techniques and deal structures used in buy outs and venture capital transactions, and (3) develop an understanding for challenges and issues for Private Equity activities in Asia, (4) gain exclusive insights from industry experts.

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Course structure

The course is structured in such a way, that it relies both on case studies, recent research  studies, and insights from industry experts as well as study trips to corporate partners. Industry experts contributing to the lecture will come from Private Equity funds, limited partners, banks and alternative investment consultant (e.g. Partners Group). Thus, the lecture combines classic in class teaching with a study mission character. Since the course will take place in Asia, students will get a very close exposure not only towards the Private Equity industry in general, but in particularly with regard to Southeast Asia and its Emerging Markets. In addition, several extra curriculum activities will be offered in order to expose the course participants to Singapore and foster their understanding for the Asian culture. If you want to learn more about the Private Equity industry and if you are convinced that Asia is the world’s next economic powerhouse, this Asia Compact course should be of interest for you!

For further information and to find out when the next course takes place, please refer to the course information sheet on the HSG website under course directory.

Application procedure and cost

There are a total of 20 seats available for students of the MBF program, which will be assigned by a special application process (no bidding system, no bidding points are required). For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter directly.

The 10-day course will be held in Singapore. Thus, participants of the course will have to carry additional costs for flight and accommodation in Singapore. Total costs for flight and accommodation for the stay in Singapore are expected to be in the range of approximately CHF 1,600 to CHF 1,900 (based on students’ feedback of previous years). Singapore offers a wide variety of accommodation ranging from hostels (low priced) to Hotels (expensive).