Centre for Wealth Management

Wealth management is generally seen as (1) how an individual, family, firm or sovereign invests and what assets or securities the investors choose, and (2) how the investors are advised based on their individual situation. Thus, portfolio management, asset allocation, advisory banking, and legal questions are at the core of studies in wealth management.

The SGI enriches Wealth Management in an important way: As the situation of an individual, family, firm or sovereign changes over time, expertise in management of an individual’s life cycle, intergenerational transfer, and structural change in business and economy become key factors for success in wealth management. Research in the third Competence Centre of the SGI is dedicated to the following topics:

  1. Investment Management (Instruments, Asset Allocation)
  2. Dynamics such as Life Cycle, Intergenerational Transfer, and Economic Change
  3. Long-Term Performance Analysis (Accounting, Risk Control, Qualitative Assessment)

Members of the Center for Wealth Management currently are Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter, Dr. Andreas Mattig and Dominic Rainsborough.

New research report on the Limited Partner Perspective on Private Equity in Asia-Pacific

New research report on the Limited Partner Perspective on Private Equity in Asia-Pacific

While booming Asia has become synonymous of investment opportunities, much remains to be understood about how investors tap into Asia-Pacific (APAC) private markets. This report explores how private equity (PE) investors in APAC and abroad invest in APAC-focused PE funds. It shows that the APAC PE market is dominated by investors domiciled within APAC, with most investments originating from investors in North Asia. Investors based within APAC and based outside of APAC show different investment styles, leading to different return profiles, whereby APAC-based investors seem to have slightly outperformed non-APAC based investors. 

The research report has been co-authored by Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter, Dr. Tobias Schori and Maria Oliveira. It is a research initiative of the institute’s competence center on Wealth Management exploring private market investments in Asia.

To read the full report, please click here.

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