Thesis Supervision

Students who are interested in writing their thesis on topics related to private equity, credit risk, banking, family offices or financial aspect of family firms are welcome to apply to write their thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter. Selected thesis projects typically focus on empirical finance related topics including quantitative part. We highly welcome research projects focusing on Asia.

In order to apply, students are expected to prepare a 1-2 pages proposal, which should detail the research question, the contribution to the literature, and the layout and data source for the analysis. For the research proposal, it is important to (i) link the research idea to the existing literature to clarify the contribution of the thesis to previous research and (ii) to ensure that the access to the data is available to conduct the analysis.

Students may send their application, including a current CV, latest grade transcript, and the 1-2 pages research proposal to

For more detailed information regarding the process and guidelines for the thesis project, please consult the Bachelor Thesis Guidelines or Master Thesis Guidelines (under the downloads section of this page).