Why choosing the Asia Term?

Asia – The Next Economic Powerhouse

From a business perspective, understanding Asia will be an asset to our students' future professional careers. Whether they are working directly in Asia or indirectly from Europe with key customers and suppliers located in Asia, our students will most likely directly interact with Asia in their future careers. Thus, a profound knowledge about Asian cultures and Asia's driving business dynamics is a key asset to our students. 
Getting to know Asia

When Asia comes to mind, many people often overlook the magnitude of the continent and the diversity of cultures. With the Asia Term, we bring Bachelor students from the University of St.Gallen to Singapore to experience and explore Asia.

Calibrating views on Asia

In this dynamic and multi-layered region, it is important to systematically learn about the rapid changes, the growth opportunities and the increasing challenges presented by the rise of Asia. As part of the Asia Term, the students will learn about the Asian business environment and conduct a real-whole business consulting project for one of our corporate partners.

Asia a booming economy - and St.Gallen in the mist of it!

The Asia Term is jointly organized by the Singapore Management University and the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI), the local institute of the University of St.Gallen in Asia. It is located at the heart of Singapore and is St.Gallen's knowledge hub in Asia.

You should choose the Asia Term if you want ...

  • In-depth understanding of doing business in an Asian context
  • Real-life experience in the heart of Asia
  • Strong interactions with companies in Singapore and other South East and Far East Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and China 
  • Intercultural teamwork experiences with local students at SMU
  • Minimal bureaucracy and maximal flexibility in organizing your exchange semester and selecting/crediting courses