School of Law

Business Law

This is an introductory course designed to help non-law students acquaint themselves with the framework of Singapore’s legal system and to understand the legal environment within which businesses operate. A substantial part of the course is dedicated to contract law, as the making and performance of contracts form the rudiment of all businesses. Students will also be introduced to the law of torts, in particular the tort of negligence. Other legal areas and concepts which, at the instructors’ discretion, will be taught include privity of contract, agency, business torts, commercial crime, e-commerce law, law of business organizations, intellectual property and international legal aspects of business.

Company Law

The corporate form, as a basic legal structure for the operation and conduct of businesses, pervades the commercial world. This is however no indication that the company is a simple structure. On the contrary, because it is effectively a web of different interests, rights and obligations, the company is a highly complex structure. This course will cover the main body of laws that regulate the operational aspects of companies embodied in the Companies Act. Where appropriate and relevant, these laws will be considered from the different perspectives of the various interest groups in a corporate structure and issues raised in the management of companies. Topics include current issues in corporate governance, the external regulation of corporate matters, the duties of corporate managers, directors and other officers, the law and practice of meetings and legal issues relating to corporate restructuring. The difficulties relating to transactions with other parties, which are peculiar to companies, will also be covered, including corporate contracting and insolvency.

Criminal Law

This course will introduce students to the fundamental principles of criminal liability in Singapore. Criminal law will first be examined from a jurisprudential view point with a study of its aims and objectives and the purpose of crime control and punishment in society. Students will study the major offences (against the person and property) and general defences under the Penal Code and some selected statutes. Legislative provisions, judicial decisions interpreting these provisions and proposals for reform of the law, both in Singapore and elsewhere, will be closely examined. In addition, students will learn about the Singapore criminal process and how an accused person accused of a crime is investigated, tried in court and if found guilty, convicted and sentenced within our criminal justice system.

Law of Business Organizations

Singapore law recognises that there are many ways in which business people can organise commercial activities with a view to maximising operational efficiency and minimising exposure to personal risk. These diverse mechanisms, ranging from agency, sole proprietorships, partnerships, bodies corporate and others, form the core of the content of this course.