School of Business

Human Capital Management

The course enables you to discover the challenging and competitive world of Human Capital Management (also referred to as Human Resource Management). This learning experience will provide you with a broad understanding of basic Human Resource (HR knowledge), skills and practices. Students will learn the concepts, processes and issues involved in implementation and decision making in the topical areas such as Talent Acquisition (planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection), Rewards (compensation, benefits, performance appraisal), and Development (training and development, career planning).


This course introduces students to the theoretical concepts and analytical tools required for formulating and implementing appropriate strategies that affect the enduring success of the entire organisation. Topics covered include external and internal environmental analyses, business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, strategy process and implementation, and special topics such as competitive dynamics and competition in high tech industries. This course emphasizes on the application of theory to the real world strategic issues. Students are encouraged to synthesize knowledge from other business courses into a comprehensive understanding of competitive advantage.

Strategic Management in China

The primary topic of this course is strategic management in the Chinese context, including that of both local Chinese companies and foreign companies operating in China, but with a somewhat greater focus on the former. The course has two primary features. Firstly, it broadly encompasses three levels of strategies of companies competing in the Chinese context: business strategies, corporate strategies, and cross-border competitive strategies. Secondly, in analyzing the strategies of companies competing in the Chinese context, the course will take a comparative perspective. The key frameworks in strategic management are mostly developed in the West. Since there are fundamental differences in macro national environment, competitive industry, and firm strategic issues between China and the West, whether the existing frameworks are applicable to the Chinese context is thus a key concern. We shall discuss throughout the course the similarities and differences between strategic management issues in the West and in China.