Business Consulting

The Business Consulting course is the core course of the Asia Term.

More than 130 students from St.Gallen and SMU attend in-class lecture and work on business projects with our multinational and local corporate partners.  The in-class content conveys the required skill sets that student can apply in hands-on business projects.

The students work in groups of 4 to 5 on real life, multi-disciplinary consulting projects with our corporate partners. Consulting projects from the past years focused, for example on the development of a offshore strategy for the Chinese private banking market or a go-to-market strategy for retail products in Singapore. For some projects, the students even traveled to other cities in Asia such as Jakarta and Tokyo.

Weekly touch points between the student teams and the corporate partners ensure that the projects remain on track. The students present their results to the key decision makers of the corporate partners in mid-term and final presentations. Beside acquiring consulting skills, the students develop several soft skills such as intercultural competence as well as leadership and project management skills.

Both the students and their corporate partners will benefit from the projects: objective out of the box thinking ensure creative solutions. The results presented by our students to their corporate partners have often been incorporated in future decision making. Every year, we work together with more than 15 corporate partners, many of whom are longstanding collaborators. Our students' work has also been much appreciated by our corporate partners.

"The students demonstrated an excellent senses of research capabilities and gained a fast understanding of the industry from both a global and local perspective." 
Andrew Crichton, 2014 Audi Singapore. 

"To date, the student groups have always exceeded expectations and all projects were implemented or are in the implementation phase. [...]. Being a manager for 20 years, I still learn something new from each project myself."
Martin Herbrich, Jungheinrich Lift Truck Singapore Pte. Ltd.

"For us at Zurich, it was a great experience as the students brought in fresh ideas and encourages us to think a topic from a different angle."
Thomas Vonrueti, Zurich Life Insurance Singapore.