- 02.07.2023 - 09:00 

Asia Compact in Aviation Management

From 31 October to 5 November 2022, the course “Asia Compact: Aviation Management” was held at SGI-HSG in Singapore.

The course “Asia Compact: Aviation Management” is developed as a yearly, interdisciplinary course on the master level offered at the premises of University of St. Gallen in Singapore. The reason for offering the course in Singapore is that the aviation industry has the highest growth rate in Asia and is a key driver for growth in the region. There are huge development projects such as the enlargement of the Changi Airport to learn and gain insights from.

In addition to theoretical lecture inputs, the students had the opportunity to visit different companies in Singapore such as Singapore Airline, Changi Airport, Airbus Training Center, Rolls Royce, the Association of Aerospace Industries in Singapore and IATA Asia Pacific. Speakers from these different companies offered a first-hand insight into the industry in Asia. Course work included a case presentation on the last day, where students were asked to provide a creative presentation. This leads to artistic masterpieces of presentations. 

This year's program also included an Excursion to Dubai on the way back to Switzerland. On the stopover of two days students were received by Emirates Airlines, Dubai World Central Airport, Jet Aviation, Dynamic Advanced Training and the General Consul of Switzerland at the Swiss Residence for Dinner where we received an insightful presentation of a Swiss Profiler working for Swiss and Lufthansa at Dubai Airport.

About the Aviation Management course: The course is part of the academic education portfolio of the Center for Aviation Competence at the University of St.Gallen (CFAC-HSG). Through versatile networking and the characteristics of the industry, aviation has developed itself to an own field of research. Through the integration of Aviation Management in the studies of the master level, the University of St. Gallen can fill this gap by creating an appropriate supply. The goal of the course is therefore twofold: 

  • To understand the aviation system from different perspectives: (1) Politics, (2) Economy, (3) Society, (4) Technology and (5) Environment
  • To learn about the specifics of managing companies in the aviation industry in Europe and Asia